Our menu

Food: We open at 11 AM, and from 12 PM, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or a hot meal at De Poort. Our menu is based on traditional enjoyment without too much fuss, but always tasty, plentiful, and reasonably priced! Every week there are specials, see our board in the café for details. If you're coming for a drink, we have an extensive selection of snacks.

Drinks: At De Poort, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, possibly with the authentic Dijker Apple Pie. Coming for drinks? We have a wide selection of beers, both on tap and bottled. Also, try our delicious cocktails!



Osseworst with Mokum pickles, mustard, and arugula €7.50

Co’s meatball with mustard and Mokum pickles €7.50

Aged cheese with mustard, onions, and arugula (v) €7.00

Hummus with grilled vegetables (v) €8.00

2 Croquettes with mustard and arugula €7.50

Toasted sandwich (with cheese and ham, salami, or tomato) €4.50


"Uitsmijter"- two slices of bread (with cheese, ham, tomato) €9.50

Scrambled eggs with salmon and toast €11.75

Shakshuka with bread €10.75


Soup of the week €7.50

Chicken thigh satay, with fries, salad, prawn crackers, and fried onions €15.25

Steak, with grilled vegetables, veal jus, fries, and mayonnaise €20.00


Portion of fries with mayo (v) €4.00

Grilled vegetables (v) €4.50


Meal salad €14.25

Goat cheese salad with smoked paprika and honey €13.75


Marinated drumsticks (3 pieces) €7.75

Co’s meatball with mustard €6.50

Bitterballen with mustard (6 pieces) €6.75

Cheese soufflés with chili sauce (6 pieces) (v) €6.50

Vegetarian bitterballen by Oma Bob with mustard (6 pieces) (v) €6.75

Vegetarian spring rolls with chili sauce (8 pieces) (v) €6.50

Aged Beemster cheese with mustard (v) €6.50

Osseworst with Mokum pickles and mustard €6.50

Amsterdam Platter with osseworst and aged cheese with Mokum pickles and mustard €10.50